All Macon County public schools are SACS accredited.



Donors Choose is a national, non-profit organization designed to help teachers get needed supplies for their classrooms.  Teachers submit proposals to Donors Choose, and Donors Choose reviews the requests and places them on their web site.  At this point, any individual in the world can search the database for proposals they would like to fund in whole or in part.

Once the project is fully funded, Donors Choose ships the requested supplies directly to the teacher.  The teacher sends a thank-you letter to the donor who completed the funding on his/her proposal.  In addition, the teacher sends thank-you letters from each student along with photos of the class using the donated supplies.

It's actually quite fun to see how this works!

We encourage teachers in Macon County to submit proposals to Donors Choose.  Please let Charlie know when your proposal is on the Donors Choose web site, and we will give you some additional publicity on the Macon County web site.  This may help you get a local donor!

Darrell Law
Director of Macon County Schools


Macon County Board of Education
501 College Street
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-2125 (Voice)
(615) 666-7878 (Fax)

Maintenance Shop
401 Meador Drive
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-4970 (Voice)

School Bus Garage
501 College Street
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-3592 (Voice)

School Material Center
501 College Street
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-2126 (Voice)

Macon County Schools (Central Web Site) 
Webmaster: Patricia Ferguson


School Board
or the current list of School Board Members,
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Central Elementary School
905 Sycamore Street
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-3265
Web Site:  
Webmaster: Leanna Allen


Fairlane Elementary School
305 Fairlane Drive
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-2970 (Voice)
(615) 666-7477 (Fax)
Web Site:  
Webmaster: Phyllis Turner

Lafayette Elementary School
401 Meador Drive
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-8868
Web Site:  
Webmaster: Dawn Thompson

Macon County High School
2550 Days Road
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-4320
Web Site:  
Webmaster: Beverly Reid

Macon County Jr. High School
1003 Hwy. 52 By-Pass East
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-7545
Webmaster: Cindy Bohanan

Westside Elementary School

8025 Old Hwy 52
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-3128
Web Site:  
Webmaster: David Flynn

Red Boiling Springs School

415 Hillcrest Drive
Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150
(615) 699-2222 (Voice for grades K-6)
(615) 699-3125 (Voice for grades 7-12)
(615) 699-3371 (Fax)
Web Site:  
Webmaster: Lisa Mullinix


Tri County Vocational School
in Red Boiling Springs
serves Clay, Jackson and Macon Counties in Tennessee. The school offers nine vocational programs for students.
Volunteer State Community College
in Gallatin conducts continuing education and
distance learning classes at Macon County High School.

For more information, please visit and click on either "Continuing Education" or "Distance Learning."

You may also call the Division of Off-Campus Services at (615) 741-3215 ext. 3742.

Of course, Vol State also offers extensive classes at its Gallatin campus.

Tennessee Technology Center
at Hartsville
Hartsville, Tennessee

The mission of the Tennessee Technology Center at Hartsville is to provide workFORCE development training in Trousdale, Sumner, Wilson, Smith and west Macon County in Middle Tennessee.  workFORCE development includes both highly-skilled technical training and training in accountability skills such as time management, ethical behavior and teamwork. The Center provides economical training for residents and by offering specialized training for individual businesses.  For more information, please see: